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by Sean Ford posted 3/31/2011

MBYLL Season Guidelines


All Coaches (and parents) should understand and follow the MBYLL philosophy.  In short our goal is to teach the game of lacrosse in a non-win at all cost environment.  All teams at the same level should be roughly balanced.  All players should get equal playing time.  Wins and Losses and individual statistics are not recorded or emphasized.  The goal is to teach the game of lacrosse, have fun, and be safe.


The Home team should contact the assigned referee to confirm time and location at least 4 days before a game (Thursday for Sunday games).  The Away team should contact the Home team to confirm time and location at least 4 days before a game (Thursday for Sunday games).

Contact information can be found on the MBYLL website.


Do everything you can not to cancel a game, the kids look forward to playing and rescheduling can be difficult and time consuming.   The only real reason for a game cancellation should be weather.  Try not to cancel games unless you are barred from plying on the field or you are sure of the weather.  All Weather Cancellation MUST be made at least 2 hours in advance with the other team and with the referee.


There should be at least one MBYLL Certified Coach on the sidelines at all times.

There should be a lined field.

There should be cones on the field (end lines, far midfield, Penalty Box).

There should be 3-4 end line balls at each end line.

There should be someone to keep time and penalties (with a clock).


The Coaches and referee should meet before each game and review rules and show him your card.

Players should meet with referee to go overrules and have an equipment check.



In addition to knowing the basic rules and penalties of lacrosse make sure you are familiar with the following MBYLL RULES:

  • There are 4 – 10 minute stop quarters.
  • Overtime is played upon coaches’ decision to play as one 4 minute period.
  • There is No Hitting at U11.
  • A Coach can be on the field during the game at U11.
  • There can be 3 60″ sticks used at U13.
  • There can be 4 72″ sticks used at U15.
  • Time Serving Penalties are kept at all levels (U11 coaches may discuss alternatives if they agree).
    • If there is a 5 goal lead the team behind is awarded the ball at midfield after each goal until the margin is less than five goals.
    • If a team acquires a 10 goal lead the coaches and referee MUST meet to discuss adjusted rules of play.  It is recommended that after a 6 goal advantage the leading team adjust its play.
    • U11 and U13 can substitute on end-line and side-line out of bounds.  U15 can only substitute on side-line out of bounds.
    • All levels can substitute during a TIME SERVING ONLY penalty.
    • All levels can substitute on the fly through Penalty Box (only).
    • U15 must advance the ball over midfield within 20 seconds after gaining possession in their defensive end.
    • U15 must get the ball into their Offensive Restraining Box (with possession) within 10 seconds (or get back into it once leaving it).
  • At U15 the leading team must keep the ball in the Offensive Restraining Box once they enter the box within the last 2 minutes of the game.



Kevin McDonald

339-206-0028 (cell)

Referee Contact information

Darrell Benson


Jimmy Tighe




Microsoft Excel file Game Sheet Template-  Provides an easy way to set your lines for a game. A good idea is to save these sheets after each week so you can refer back to them and make sure that all players try different positions. Spreadsheet format

Microsoft Word file WYLL Coach's Manual-  This guide book is to help familiarize coaches with: -Walpole Youth Lacrosse Philosophy -the game of youth Lacrosse -the rules -a standard set of terms and vocabulary -how the game is played by position -the skills that need to be taught to players -Walpole Youth Lacrosse Game philosophy -a basic approach to practices -drills that we use to teach the players -plays that we "may" use in a game