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Welcome to WYLL's home on the web!

This website is the home of boys lacrosse in Walpole, MA. Our youth lacrosse program is widely regarded as one of the best available for boys in grades 1-8.

Walpole Youth Lacrosse is a member of the South Central region of the Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse League (MBYLL). Our goal is to promote the sport of lacrosse and provide a fun, positive, and enriching experience for both the youth and parents of Walpole.





Lacrosse Families,

We will be opening Registration for the SPRING Program on 12/1/18. There are a few changes that are highlighted below with regards to Uniforms and Kindergartner Registration.

*** NEW Uniform Process ***

Walpole Youth Lacrosse has decided to go to a New Uniform process which is much like the process that is currently used by other Town sports. There will be a fitting day TDB. We will then provide a link to all those that are registered and you will then continue through the process of purchasing your sons uniform. The uniform will be yours to keep and use each year.

U9 for Kindergartners Spring Information

We are pleased to announce that our U9 Level spring teams will now be open to Kindergartner participants but on a limited basis. All Kindergartners that sign up will be put on a waitlist. Once all 1st and 2nd graders have been signed up, the remaining available spots will be filled by Kindergartners on a first come first serve basis. You can access more details on the kindergartner registration page. There is no body checking at the U9 level, but incidental contact during games is likely. Walpole Youth Lacrosse strives to provide a safe, enjoyable, learning experience for all participants.


Lacrosse is an exciting sport that has grown over the years and we hope will continue to grow.






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